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Return On News: August 31, 2012

Twitter Launches New Interest-Based Ad Targeting

Chris Crum, WebProNews – Twitter has been working to get the formula for their advertising platform right for some time now. In the latest development, they have introduced 350 “interest categories” to help best target content based on topical interests.

That and a couple of other minor updates are included in Chris Crum’s article from August 30, 2012.

Site Errors Breakdown

Google Webmaster Central Blog – In a move that is sure to be well-received by SEOs and web marketers, Google announced on August 29, 2012 that they are providing more detailed information about site errors. Some new features include crawl stats for the past 90 days and the ability to hover your mouse over the error to see a more detailed description of what it is.

How To Use Pinterest For Local SEO

Chris Silver Smith, Search Engine Land – Although this post was written in December of 2011, it still includes quite a few interesting ideas for using Pinterest for Search Traffic.

This post isn’t just about SEO, as it has tips for setting up your profile (some of which has SEO implications), how to engage and interact on Pinterest, and other ideas for driving non-organic traffic from the platform. Even with the changes we’ve seen the past few months (e.g. moving to “NOFOLLOW” links), this is a good read.

Smart Marketing Gets Smarter with Hubspot 3

Parker Short, Jaxzen Marketing Group – Austin-based strategic marketing and marketing automation agency Jaxzen Marketing Group covered Hubspot’s announcement of v.3 of their platform.

Hubspot has really upped the ante, with the highlights being dynamic content and ability to document full user / prospect profiles including social IDs.

AddThis Adds Social Sign In

Allison Howen, Website Magazine – If you are like me, you are constantly jockeying to keep your passwords secure. Unfortunately, repeatedly changing a password makes it nearly impossible to remember every single one of them.

AddThis made a great move by adopting social sign in, so you can use existing social accounts to access their sharing capabilities.

Create Content for Marathon Site Visits

Michael Garrity, Website Magazine – Engagement doesn’t just happen on social and community sites. You can drive engagement and increased pageviews on your own site. Michael Garrity reviews things you can do to increase the average time on site for visitors.

SEO Salary Guide – Pinterest

I stumbled upon this excellent infographic a few days ago. It covers off what you can expect to make as an SEO or Manager of the SEO function in the top 20 markets in the US.

Bottom line – If you want to make good money with an SEO job at a local employer, you need to move up to the director level. The pay scale is still low as compared to comparable technical roles, so hopefully this will start nudging upward in the coming years.

5 Things PPC May Be Telling You About Your Business (Without You Realizing!)

Jeremy Decker, Search Engine Journal – Pay Per Click data can serve a multitude of purposes, and not just for measuring whether your SEM campaign itself is successful. It can validate branding, tell you what products are of highest interest, and even help you hone your landing page and content strategies.

4 Things to Do When Opening Your Blog to Guest Bloggers

Mandy Kilinskis, Smart Boy Designs – Guest blogging is a great way for site owners to build awareness and backlinks. It also helps bloggers get their hands on more content to help their own site rank. I am a big fan of guest posting overall, but you need to be sure you approach it right, especially if you are new to accepting guest posts on your blog. This is a good list of things to keep in mind when you first embark on the guest posting journey.

Learnings from My Pinterest Experiment

Darren Rowse, Problogger – Darren Rowse, one of my favorite bloggers and writers in the game today, did his own experiment to see if Pinterest is a good vehicle to drive traffic and engagement. As always, his write up is thorough and includes some great information. Maybe I’m biased, but most of what he writes is worth your time and attention.

What Guest Blogging is NOT: Getting It Right

Lars Plougmann, – As I mentioned above, guest blogging is a great way to earn backlinks. The key is that you cannot think of it as linkbuilding only.

This blog post outlines exactly how you should be looking at guest blogging, and it level sets on what the real purpose of it is. The basic premise: Do it right and the backlink love is an added benefit.

Are we at a tipping point with mobile?

Marcia Kadanoff, Open Marketing – My long-time colleague Marcia Kadanoff shares data analyzing whether mobile is starting to pass traditional computing platforms in importance. She did a great deal of research, and the citations alone are worth your review. Give a look for yourself.

7 SEO Practices You Will Want to Avoid

Silver Teede, Social Media Today – The rules of the SEO game continue to change on a monthly basis, and a lot of the old tactics are not only frowned upon, but downright dangerous to your organic ranking.

Black Hat SEO is a huge target for Google these days, and Silver Teede outlines seven things you don’t want to be associated with as an SEO or a website owner.


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