Which Social Media Platform is Most Effective for Advertising?

Which Social Media Platform is Most Effective For Advertising Your Business?

Different advertising channels deliver your message in various forms. However, social media allows you to reach your audience from different parts of the world in the shortest time. Even moreso, if your target market’s demographic aligns with the platform’s user demographics, you’ll see it work well.

This is what enables social media advertising to drive huge conversions and sales at a lower cost.

Keep on reading to know which social media advertising platform would work best for you:

Facebook Advertising

With over two billion active users per month, there is no denying that Facebook (FB) is the king of social media.

Aside from the number of monthly active users, FB also boasts a wide range of user demographics. Thus, this platform is ideal if you intend to advertise for maximum audience reach.

Here are some benefits of advertising on Facebook:

  1. You can set your daily spend. That way, you will not spend above your overall advertising budget.
  2. You can set the audience parameter. This can help you make sure that your ads appear on your target market’s news feeds.
  3. You can choose your ad placement: desktop, mobile, or both.

Facebook also features various advertising types and formats like Collection Ads, Slideshow Ads, and Carousel Ads.

But what makes Facebook Advertising cost-effective is the fact that you can choose which ad type to use depending on your goal. Not to mention that you can filter your ads to target those who are more inclined to buy your products or hire your services.

You can even conduct A/B testing to know which ad variation works best for your business.

The only caveat is that the cost is not set on stone. Pricing will depend on the niche, performance, and target of your ads.

Thus, aside from A/B testing, you also need to do some experiments with your target audience.

YouTube Advertising

According to Brandwatch, YouTube is the second most visited website after Google. It is also the second most popular social media platform, with 1.9 billion monthly active users.

Here are other statistics to keep in mind:

  • YouTube has local versions in more 90 countries
  • Over 70% of time spent watching videos on YouTube comes from mobile devices
  • Majority of people who watch content on YouTube are aged 18 – 34 years old

Why do you need to know these numbers? Because this can help you make an informed decision when advertising on YouTube.

And since Google owns the platform, you are sure to have the information that you will need for audience targeting. In fact, you can run YouTube advertising campaigns and target your desired audience based on demographics, interests, and past interactions with your previous videos.

You can even choose the channels where you want your ads to appear, thus protecting your brand’s reputation.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram (IG) is a photo and video sharing social media app that boasts one billion monthly active users. Although there are adult professionals in the platform, IG is most popular among the youth.

That said, it is ideal to advertise on Instagram if your business leverages visuals frequently. Industries like beauty and fashion thrive well on this platform. Even illustrators and calligraphers use IG to promote their services.

Aside from shelling out money to advertise on the platform, you can also use your ad budget to tap into  influencers on Instagram. These are people with a large number of followers who happened to be your ideal target market.

You can leverage their influence to get your marketing message across. In fact, a study conducted by Tap Influence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions revealed that influencer marketing drives 11x sales ROI than traditional advertising.

Now is a great time to learn how you can harness the power of Instagram advertising.

Pinterest Advertising

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is a social network that deals with a lot of visuals. This makes the platform ideal for creative design products. This includes interior design and decoration, visual graphics, and DIY crafts.

However, keep in mind that 81% of Pinterest users are female. So when creating a Promoted Pin, make sure that women are your target audience.

The good thing about Pinterest is that its users are active, and the platform boasts high engagement.

Also worth noting for Pinterest: your ads blend well with organic content. Ad viewers can even engage with your content without leaving the platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is popular among fresh graduates, job seekers, and recruitment firms.

But it was originally a platform for business networking across the board, and continues to thrive in that capacity. This also explains why more than half of LinkedIn users are aged 30 – 64 years old.

Your advertisements should be targeting business decision-makers like CEO and COOs, unit managers, or department heads.

In addition, you can advertise on this platform if you provide large scale products and services for businesses. For example, if you are an IT company that provides technical services and support for brokerages.

You can promote your business on LinkedIn through text ads, Sponsored Content, or Sponsored InMail.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter boasts around 326 million monthly users who post over 500 million tweets per day. Aside from that, you should also know that 69% of people who follow small and medium businesses on Twitter end up making a purchase.

Thus, you need to consider making a large following on Twitter if you are an SMB. Not to mention that this can help your Twitter ads perform well.

Your best bet is to run ads on Twitter for brand awareness and to promote your products. Even if your followers do not buy from you, 78% of them should be willing to retweet your content.

Snapchat Advertising

Could you ever have imagined that Snapchat, a selfie-sharing app, would become a social business hub?

Here are the numbers:

  • Snapchat has an average of 203 million users per day
  • 41% of Americans aged 18 – 34 use the platform daily…
  • And they take more than 3 billion snaps a day

Obviously, you can advertise on Snapchat if tech-savvy millennials are your target audience. You can use the platform for brand awareness, lead generation, app installs, and online purchases.

You can also use Snap Ads if you would like your ads to blend in with organic posts, or Collection Ads if you would like to promote a series of products. The latter is also ideal if you want your target audience to make a purchase straight from Snapchat.

Regardless of the ad type that you choose, the platform promises to help you run effective ads no matter what your ad budget and objectives might be.


Regardless of the advertising platform, your social media advertising campaign will depend on your business model and target audience.

So, which of these platforms would you use for your next advertising campaign? I hope this post sparked some ideas for you that might help you succeed. Thanks for reading.

Feature Image Credit: CC 0; Public Domain, sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions stated in this post are that of the author, and Return On Now may or may not agree with any or all of the commentary.

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