Lead Generation Funnel Infographic

How to Build a Lead Generation Funnel: Key Steps [Infographic]

A lead generation funnel is a vital part of digital marketing, and yet only 32% of businesses have it identified.


BBuilding an efficient lead generation funnel requires alignment of many details. If  you approach it the wrong way, you stand to jeopardize the entire process.

When it comes to creating a lead gen funnel, most businesses don’t fully realize the importance of this process. Even worse, most of them don’t really know where to start.

In fact, a 2018 survey by Hubspot revealed that only 69% of marketers feel their top priority should be converting leads into customers.

A carefully planned and built lead generation funnel will enable business owners to streamline their conversion process.

Moreover, it helps you to find out which of your leads are most qualified and can be turned into customers. This way, you’ll be able to learn the reasons why leads are converting.

How A Lead Gen Funnel Helps Grow Your Business

A lead generation funnel is a tool that can provide you with all of the data you need to increase conversion rates and revenue.

With a lead generation funnel you’ll be able to define:

  • who your best leads are,
  • where they are in the lead generation process,
  • how you can turn them into customers.

According to MarketingSherpa study, only 56% of B2B companies check valid leads before passing them to the sales department.

Basically, a lead generation funnel is a pathway and a set of steps which a lead needs to take to be turned into a prospect and eventually into a paying customer.

It can be understood to be a visual representation which is broken into the different stages that make up the funnel.

Thus, it’s important to be aware of these stages before planning to build a lead generation funnel.

The infographic below will help you to get a deeper understanding of the lead generation process, its stages, and best practices to create the lead gen funnel that provides your marketing and sales teams with the most qualified leads.

Have a look!

Guide to Creating Your Lead Generation Funnel - Infographic

Source: Guide to Creating Your Lead Generation Funnel by Albacross

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