Why to Bid On Your Brand Terms in PPC / SEM / AdWords

Defending Your Territory: The Need to Bid on Your Brand Terms

Selecting high performing search terms are one of the most important aspects of running paid search campaigns. Often, your branded keywords are where you end up with the lowest CPC and highest CTR.

However, many advertisers are skeptical about this practice because they already appear first in organic search listings.

Understanding Branded Terms

Branded terms are keywords that include your brand name.

According to a study conducted by Bing in 2015, a company is 31 percent more probable to acquire clicks when using branded keywords in its search pay-per-click campaigns.

The survey also revealed that when companies didn’t place an ad, retail companies acquired only 60 percent of the clicks.

However, when companies displayed brand ads in the principal location, retail companies attained more than 90 percent of the clicks.

If your company is not presently bidding on your brand terms, then you need to ask yourself these four questions:

  • What companies show up when you search your brand name?
  • Is there anything your consumers should know about your company right now?
  • Are your competitors intruding on your space?
  • Do you receive a significant conversion rate for clicks, thereby, leading to good returns?

In case you are not already bidding on your branded keywords, then odds are that you aren’t the only one who appears on your search results. What does this mean?

Your business rivals are intruding on your terrain.

Top 3 Reasons to Bid on Branded Terms

Rule over the search pages

If you are not bidding on your branded terms then there is a high possibility that your competitors are bidding on them.

The top search results that appear for a keyword are the ones with the maximum bid for that keyword.

Therefore, if a website with stronger search engine optimization is using your branded keywords or is bidding on keywords, including your brand name, they are obviously going to surpass you to reach the highest position.

While choosing search terms, make sure that you include your brand name along with product keywords to safeguard your opponents from procuring the benefits of your consumers looking for your brand.

Enjoy better control over messaging and traffic

Bidding on your brand terms can also give you additional control over your e-commerce messaging.

Even if your online store is showing up on the first search engine page, your company results are restricted to SEO metadata, such as your page titles and meta descriptions.

While organic ranking means free advertising, it may not include all the great things you want to highlight about your company.

You can get much craftier with your messaging by means of paid ads.

You can also draw in a greater click-through rate to your webpages with a higher conversion rate.

Using paid branded terms also gives you the ability to choose your landing page and direct consumers to different versions of landing pages.

This allows you to easily direct traffic directly to new campaigns and special offers.

Seize first-class leads that are closer to conversion

Individuals who are on the lookout for your branded keywords are already familiar with your business.

They could have heard about your brand from word of mouth, delved into your brand history at some point, or even be returning consumers. They already recognize that your company has what they need.

Here exists a higher possibility that these customers are further along in the purchasing cycle than individuals looking for more general keywords.

Bidding on branded keywords will help you seize top-quality leads that are close to the point of conversion.


The best way to discover the benefits of branded terms is to setup your AdWords account and test it out.

Search engine marketing definitely provides the opportunity meet customers where they are at and capitalize on their interest in your company and products.


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