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10 Clever Ways to Get More Instagram Comments

Many companies and indie creators have turned to Instagram in order to publish their content and promote their brands.

This has made Instagram as big as Facebook and Twitter in the marketing department, but it has something that both of these social media platforms lack.

Instagram has been created with quick content turnover and a ” blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” mentality in mind. It caters to the 21st century crowd by introducing a very fast and easy way to share content and follow people you care about.

So what are some of the ways in which you can use Instagram to your advantage, and to get more comments in the process?

10 Ways to Get More Instagram Comments

Let’s get right to the list of tips for increased volume of Instagram comments…

  1. Have a Public Profile

The first thing to do is make your profile public and open to everyone. Getting more comments is much easier if you have a large crowd of people looking through your content.

By creating a public profile, you are opening yourself to a global audience.

Make sure that you are ready for the negative effects of using a public profile as well.

The more people have access to your content, the more aware you should be of what you are posting and in what form.

Some people might find certain content types offensive, while others might start stalking you secretly.

The smartest thing to do is to create a separate dedicated public profile and use it to post your curated content in a more controlled fashion.

  1. Create an Incentive

Giving people a reason to comment on your content is the first step in making them actually submit their opinions, which will in turn boost your posts.

This idea should start with the Instagram profile itself.

  • What is the purpose of the profile?
  • Why should anyone follow it?

By creating a simple yet effective hook for people to relate to, you will create and grow a huge audience in a very short amount of time.

Start by choosing a creative name, profile picture, and a short blurb of info about what the content will be focused on. It will not only help people decide if they want to follow you or not much easier.

It will also alleviate the problems of moderating your comments in the future. People who follow pages without thinking are more likely to leave negative comments down the line.

  1. Use Hashtags

What separates Instagram from other social media platforms is the unique way the platform allows users to employ hashtags.

Instagram is the first platform that made full use of hashtags. You should pay close attention to using them in the right way.

Follow the trending hashtags on a daily basis, which will give you an idea about how to shape your own tags and make your content more visible.

If the tags you used are viral, more people will see your content, and your chances of boosting the comments will increase significantly.

Be smart about using tags and never use more than two words in the same tag – separate each word with a tag for maximum reach.

  1. Provide Relevant and Quality content

Creating quality content is simple to say, but how do you actually do it?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, and the key to creating truly amazing content lies with your followers.

Take some time to analyze their profiles and habits. What are the age groups and interests of your demographic?

You can use a third part service if you need assistance with creating and editing interest-targeted content for your website or other blog property.

Creating content that caters to them and uses a style that they can recognize will go a long way in making your content relevant to them.

Analyze the data every once in a while and keep track of your follower’s patterns – staying ahead of them is essential for always delivering quality content to them.

  1. Offer Contests and prizes

Giving things away for free has always been a smart strategy when it comes to marketing. This is still absolutely true, and it’s one of the best ways to earn easy comments on your page.

By creating a cheap but attractive contest on your page, you will invite more people to look at your content and maybe even follow your page.

It’s important to put commenting on your content among the requirements for the contest, since you are giving away something to loyal fans.

With this incentive, you can expect a comment for every person that decided to participate in your contest.

This alone is worth the investment of finding a real or symbolic reward for a lucky person that participated.

  1. Operate with Speed and Efficiency

Answering your comments quickly and relevantly will make you a very attractive person to follow on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the platform is riddled with people who claim that they love their fans but don’t take a single minute to answer to their messages or comments.

Be better than that — start answering to any comment you get with a positive note. It will create good word of mouth about your page and make more people come over to check out your content.

The algorithm might throw in a boost or two along the way as well, since active pages and content are trending far more often than inactive ones.

  1. Include a Call to Action

Each of your posts should create a call to action with the viewer.

Whether this is created through posting motivational, relevant, or shocking content, finding out what works with your followers is the key to getting more comments.

People are far more likely to get involved when you ask them to get involved.

Asking a simple question beneath your post will do wonders for your reach and activity, because you called out to viewers to react and share their opinions.

  1. Use Instagram Stories

You will find it much easy to increase the volume of your Instagram comments by making sure that you interact with your followers as much as possible.

The beset way to engage with them frequently is to go live every once in a while and get to know them on a more personal level.

Instagram Stories allows you to do a number of interesting things with your followers, giving them a different type of content from time to time.

Not every post you make has to be created using photos and hashtags – sometimes all it takes is saying “hi” and letting people ask you a couple of fan questions.

  1. Use Scheduling to Your Advantage

Your followers should always know when to expect new content from you. They can’t comment if they don’t know if you posted anything.

You can include your frequency of posting in your bio field and announce it every once in a while for good measure.

Try to post at least once a day at clearly defined intervals and do anything you can to stay true to your timetable. Skipping on content every once in a while is okay so long as you are consistent afterwards.

Quality and active pages will automatically be boosted by Instagram’s algorithm, and your comments will get the attention and boost they desperately need.

  1. Make it Relevant

When you combine all of the tricks we’ve mentioned in this post, you should hyperfocus on one most important thing – creating relevant content.

If you post content that your followers don’t care about, you will fail to generate comments and risk losing their attention (and follow) altogether.

Take every opportunity to interact with your followers. Ask them why they are following you and what would they like to see in the future.

The best ideas can come from unexpected sources, because these people have a different perspective on your page. Listen to them closely — your page activity and follower count will grow exponentially.


Being an Instagram content creator is difficult but very rewarding, no matter the niche you are in.

Getting comments is as easy as being yourself in real life, meaning that you should always stick to your vision for the page you created.

While it may not be easy at first, attracting the right crowd is only a matter of time.

Arm yourself with patience, and stay positive about your page – the next big trending topic might just be your own.

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