Best Business Models for Making Money Online

Best Business Models for Making Money Online

This week, I presented in front of the Austin Online Marketing Club about what the best business models are if your goal is making money online. The presentation was a different angle for me with this group. Previous presentations were focused heavily on execution, things like how to improve website traffic and lead flow.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to branch out and talk about business models as a whole. Having been involved in several internet marketing ventures of my own (aside from Return On Now), I have seen a wide range of outcomes. One of the goals of sharing this material is to help other smart folks avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made over the years. Sure, trial and error can teach you a lot, but it’s no fun to trip up and make an absolute faceplant.

Business Models: Making Money Online Can Be Scalable

The presentation was based loosely on a few different resources, including our own blog post on what makes a good business concept. We also built on top of some of the good ideas that MJ DeMarco presented in his 2011 book on the same topic (reference cited on the last slide below). If you aim to build a business online, his book is one that I highly recommend you take the time to read.

Just so you know what you’ll be seeing in the presentation, here is a high level outline of the contents:

  • Business Concept Overview (typical advice, what actually works, components of a solid business concept)
  • How to Know A Model Is Scalable
  • The 5 Best Scalable Models
  • Online Marketing Overview (basics of how to scale promotion)

Presentation: Making Money Online

About the Event

We had a great group of attendees, and the conversation about business models was both interesting and stimulating at the end. Thank you to all who attended for your patience as we worked our way through the technical difficulties with the presentation equipment in the facility. Even with the issues, we found a way to make it work. I look forward to working with the group again later this year!

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