10 Reasons to Give Thanks

2010 has been quite a year so far, with its fair share of good developments, curve balls, and surprises. I’ve been a bit spotty on updating Return On Now, primarily because of a couple of difficult curve balls that have come my way over the past 60 days. But as they say, put that behind you and move onward and upward, so let’s get ready for 2011.

But first, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the good things, those things which have been both fortunate and welcomed, over the most recent months. It is far too easy to focus on the most pressing concerns, and we should all take time during this celebratory week to reflect on everything that is going RIGHT in our world.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for…

  1. All of my friends and colleagues in Austin, TX, some of whom I’ve known for a long time, and others whom I’ve met in the past several years. Austin does a great job of balancing “small town” connectedness with a bigger metro mindset, and I’m proud to call it my home.
  2. The TRUE online marketing and social media experts, most of whom are humble enough to avoid adopting the narcissistic term “expert” or “guru”, for pushing the limits of what we know, striking out on new ground and sharing what they learn, and for keeping the faith as the space continues to be overrun by snake oil salesman.
  3. Every single one of us who understands that social media is not just a list of shiny new toys, but a true evolution of how we communicate in today’s technology-heavy world.
  4. The thought leaders who are finally espousing one of my key messages more widely – it’s time to stop bandying about terms like social media, social marketing, and a list of other overhyped phrases, and to start looking at them as simple tactics that must be considered within true business strategy.
  5. The fine folks who contribute to the WordPress platform, which has revolutionized web management and brought more control and capability to the masses.
  6. All of my online colleagues who are kind enough to help me make referrals to spread the good will among others, and who are kind enough to recommend me as a contact/friend/follow for others.
  7. The brave entrepreneurs who continue to churn out new ideas that interest, excite, and stimulate our imaginations with new tools, toys, and capabilities (hey, it’s not all about the tools, but at the end of the day, I love them as much as anyone!).
  8. The fantasy sports industry as a whole. In addition to providing me hours of enjoyment on a weekly basis, it inspired me to pursue my dreams of being a writer, to start a business and learn valuable insights about entrepreneurship, and to dive into social media more aggressively.
  9. My beautiful wife, precious children, and everyone in my close circle who takes the time to support me, exchange ideas, and generally participate in the daily growth and maturation that allows us to continually make progress toward becoming the best we can be.
  10. And finally, I give thanks for each and every one of you, the faithful readers of this blog. You provide me a platform to work out new concepts, to exchange ideas, to consider new and exciting viewpoints, and to generally express myself in a productive and enjoyable way.

Life is good, and I look forward to what it has in store for us in 2011. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming months.


Tommy Landry, Return On Now

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As Founder and President of Return On Now, Tommy Landry provides the vision behind our SEO and SEM methodologies. With over 25 years of business experience and a deep understanding of modern internet marketing techniques, he spends his time providing hands-on consulting, insightful content, and engaging public speaking appearances to Online Marketers of all skill levels.
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