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7 Reasons Your WordPress Website is Slow (And How to Make it Faster)

You’ll find it easier than expected to build a WordPress-based website. But you’ll quickly learn that it’s not easy to get it well ranked on Google and the other search engines. There are hundreds of factors that affect the ranking of a site in Google’s search results, some internal and others external. Search Engine Optimization…

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4 Mistakes with Links That Can Hurt Your SEO

As 2018 draws to a close, it is time to evaluate websites to see what is working, and what needs improvement. A couple of major changes came to the SEO world, including the newest Google Search Rater’s Guidelines and the subsequent Medic algorithm update. The latter greatly changed what could be considered “correct” link building.…

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How Changing Domain Name & Website Host Affects SEO

Everyone who wants to increase their organic website traffic, improve their lead conversion volumes, and enhance the visibility of their brand knows that SEO is a crucial strategy. In fact, most brands realize that SEO is key to a successful branding strategy in modern times. But brands and webmasters face a major challenge in pursuing…

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