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Take Over Google Maps With These Local SEO Tips

With so much choice on the internet, local businesses can feel drowned out. Many of us use the web to access things we can’t find locally. But does that mean local businesses shouldn’t worry about their internet visibility? Not so fast! Local products and services are increasingly popular. Some studies suggest hat interest in local…

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Google Secure Search: Reacting to Keyword Not Provided

There has been quite the uproar the past few days, after Google announced that they are moving 100% of search queries from unencrypted to Secure Search. When this news broke on September 23, the SEO world had a collective panic attack. But is this really the end of SEO as we know it? Google Secure…

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Search Engine Market Share by Country

NOTE FROM EDITOR: We have published an update to the market share numbers, effective December 2013. Please view the updated numbers on the following page – 2013 Search Engine Market Share By Country This week I’ve been doing a lot of research about International SEO. Google has introduced several important new optimization options in the…

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