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How to Secure WordPress From Hackers for Free

If you operate a website on the WordPress platform, it’s inevitable that a hack attempt will come your way sooner or later. Just this week, the Return On Now website has been under a series of botnet attacks. Luckily, we have spent a lot of time studying how to secure WordPress from these sort of…

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WordPress Plugins: Alternative Commenting Systems

If you run a growing website that is served up from a WordPress content management system, you have surely felt the pervasive pain of moderating spam comments. While WordPress does come with a built in commenting system, it leaves a lot to be desired for higher traffic websites that may be targeted with a lot…

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7 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress

The content management system (CMS) landscape is beyond fragmented. There are literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of CMS options available. My personal favorite is WordPress, the CMS platform we use for the Return On Now website and blog. It is also the most frequently used blogging platform today. Plugins: Why They Matter Bloggers love WordPress for…

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