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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Checklist: The Ultimate Guide in 2023 [INFOGRAPHIC]

CRO, short for Conversion Rate Optimization, is a strategic approach to influencing your website visitors to take a specific desired action. Marketers use call to actions (CTAs) to improve the chances of conversions. Our comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) checklist can help you build and execute a well-planned CRO campaign. Get Started With the Conversion…

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How Headless Ecommerce Impacts Logistics

Headless ecommerce is a growing trend in ecomm information architecture. It is important enough that anyone involved with ecommerce logistics management, operations, or IT should carefully monitor it. Difference Between Traditional and Headless Ecommerce A traditional ecommerce website has a back end tightly connected to the front end. If you make changes to the front…

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SEO for Start-ups: Risks to Take and Risks to Avoid

The online world has become too powerful and pervasive to ignore. There are over 67,000 searches performed on Google on a single day! More than 93% of purchase experiences begin on search engines. If you are with a start-up already struggling with cash flow, you stand to make or break your business based on gaining…

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