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SEO 2017 Predictions

Welcome to this year’s edition of our SEO Predictions for the upcoming calendar year. After seeing some great traction and feedback on our SEO 2016 Predictions post, we decided to make it more of a tradition moving forward. So looking ahead to what’s in store for SEO 2017, here is what my crystal ball tells…

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Semantic Markup: Adding Context To SEO

The Internet world has been up in airs the past few weeks in response to Google’s recent changes. And the changes this summer were quite large indeed! First, we learned that we no longer have access to full keyword-level data for our Organic traffic. Then, Google announced that they have moved to a whole new…

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Organic SEO and the Knowledge Graph

Much has been written about the Knowledge Graph, and how Semantic SEO is important to the long term success of websites and web presences. On the other hand, we have existing best practices for organic SEO targeting. Google has repeatedly gone on record saying that they want to evolve from a search engine to a…

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