Social Media Marketing Services

Everyone knows they need to figure out social media. Some of us already have, but don’t have the time or resources needed to manage it.

The reality is that social media is not and has never been “free.” It requires a great deal of sweat equity.

The Answer: Social Media Marketing Services from RON

Return On Now has been involved in online communities and social media for over a decade. We know the history and the present. That comes in handy when looking at where it is heading in the future.

Whether you need initial set up, a long term strategic plan, or daily tactical execution, you can trust our team to serve you well.

Social Media Marketing Areas of Specialty

[mini-icon icon=”ok”] Top Platforms: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
[mini-icon icon=”ok”] Initial Set up: Platform evaluation and targeting, brand profile acquisition, profile setup and optimization, guidance on tying to website.
[mini-icon icon=”ok”] Social Media Marketing Strategy: Influencer listening and engagement, content curation and creation, key messages
[mini-icon icon=”ok”] Social Media Marketing Execution: Ongoing management, monitoring, and engagement with online contacts, campaign support, SEO copywriting / blogging

Social SEO Expertise

With in-house SEO expertise as well, we also understand how social balances with backlinks to drive your site traffic and rankings.

We are unique in that most vendors specialize in social or SEO, but few can excel at both. Social is a growing piece of Google’s overall ranking algorithm, so the two can no longer operate in a vacuum.

Let us teach you how to make the most of Author Authority, Publisher Authority, Online Influence, and Word of Mouth. Trust us when we tell you that it is about much more than Likes and Tweets.

[callout title=”Start Building Relationships Online” button=”Get on the ‘Social’ Map!” link=”” buttoncolor=”yellow” target=”_self”]Why wait any longer? We have the background, the team, and the knowhow to help you get social media right the first time. Contact us today for a free initial consultation call.[/callout]

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