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Web Marketing: Making sense of WCM, WEM, and ECM

I’ve spent a lot of time recently researching for a new Web Content Management System to replace the HTML-based static website for Anue Systems. In my rather extensive research, I learned something rather concering: this is a diverse, fragmented, and most of all, confusing market!

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Search Engine Marketing: Key Questions to Selecting a Vendor Partner

We recently went out in search of a partner / vendor for our pay-per-click activities, and we decided to enlist the help of local provider of search engine marketing services, Topside Media.

They keep a nice blog on their site, and they recently posted a nice list of the “Twelve Questions to Ask Providers of Search Engine Marketing.” It’s a great list, and it also shows off a key reason I decided to work with them: transparency. In fact, Topside was forthcoming enough to bring up most of these topics on their own, and the list is a nice one, so it merits sharing here as well for all of you to review.

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Twitter: A New Kind Of Spam-bot

Today, I finally took a moment to go through my list of followers on Twitter, hoping to uncover some great new tweeps with whom I could engage. When I started going through the list, I noticed a slew of new followers who had jumped on board in the past 48 hours. Great news, right?


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Twitter: Follow Friday and Etiquette

Twitter is, as many of you already know, one of my favorite social media toys available today. For those of us who are active on Twitter, we are all aware of a little tradition called Follow Friday. In case you don’t use Twitter or somehow managed to miss it, Follow Friday is a tradition where,…

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