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Fantasy Sports: Social Networking or Time-Wasting?

Most of you likely looked at the title of this post and wondered, “Tommy, what the heck are you talking about? Fantasy Sports is not social networking.”

On the surface, it’s easy to see why the game could be viewed that way. But I’m here to tell you that fantasy sports are as much a vehicle for social networking as Facebook, Flickr, and even foursquare / gowalla.

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Jazz on a Mellow Friday Evening

Just stumbled upon this and was enjoying it so much, I felt compelled to share. If you’re a jazz fan, enjoy In a Sentimental Mood, performed by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane.

[NOTE: ignore the video; it’s an audio track with a picture of the album cover.]

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Social Media: It CAN be measured too!

If you keep up with the local Austin startup scene or even with new social media services as they pop up, then surely you saw the announcement from Spredfast about their Social Media Campaign Management Dashboard product. It would easy to dismiss this as just another hype-laden announcement about a new social media tool, but that would be rather short-sighted in this case.

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Value of Planning Ahead (Avoiding the Dreadline)

Last night at the February Austin Tweetup (Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour, actually), I had a very interesting conversation with @andreaschulle about the different ways that marketing professionals are motivated. You see, 2010 looks to be a heavy trade show and regional event year for Anue Systems, and it has been keeping me on my toes of late, to say the least.

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Social Media for B2B: It CAN be done

This week, Return On Now has the privilege of sharing with you a guest post by Aaron Strout, CMO of Powered Inc. right here in Austin, TX. In addition to running marketing, he also serves as a key “social voice” for the company. In that capacity, Aaron continues with his speaking, blogging, podcasting, and social networking activities with an eye toward creating awareness and lead generation for the company. Aaron co-hosts the Quick-n-Dirty weekly podcast with Jennifer Leggio, he maintains a social media blog titled Citizen Marketer 2.1, and he is well-known as a thought leader in online and social media marketing.

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Social collaboration: Collaborating people, not tools

Today, since I’m spending this whole weekend celebrating my entry into a fourth decade on this earth, I’ll be skipping one weekend of self-posting to Return On Now. In my stead, I offer to you a guest post from my friend and colleague Julie Hunt. Julie is a Market and Competitive Intelligence professional, and one of the best strategic and analytical minds with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working in the past decade.

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