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11 Brilliantly Simple Tips To Improve User Experience

Businesses and web developers are placing more and more emphasis on user-oriented functions and presentation. All of this effort is focused on one important thing: User Experience (UX). As engagement levels become easier to measure and assess by search engines, UX and user engagement will become increasingly important for Google, Bing, etc. when crawling, indexing,…

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How to Trim Page Weight to Boost Page Speed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today we have a guest post from AppDynamics. The below includes an infographic on how to improve website performance, particularly page load time. Enjoy the post! What’s one of the most annoying things about using the internet? Sure, there are pop-ups and click-bait sites—but what about speed? The speed of a web page can be…

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How To Improve Web Page Load Time

Trending topics in SEO tend to focus on the more sexy stuff like optimizing the on-page, building links, and how social and author authority are poised to impact performance. While those are all important topics, they matter very little if you have a poorly performing website in the first place. Smart webmasters will do everything…

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