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Etiquette Refresher For Social Media Marketers

If social media plays into your overall marketing mix, you can easily refer to yourself as a social media marketer. Whether you are new to the game or a first-time social media marketer, there are some tried and true rules of thumb to follow. Etiquette is always an important thing to keep in mind when…

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How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Enjoy the following guest post, courtesy of professional Online Reputation Manager Gavin Carter. The views expressed in this post are those of the author and not necessarily that of Return On Now. Your company’s online reputation is very important. Most people check online to see what reviews have been left about a company before making…

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Thanksgiving Moment of Zen

When I first started Return on Now a few years ago, I took a very different approach to generating blog topics. Although I considered potential SEO and Social Media benefits of different topics, and how it would be distributed, that was a minor check point in the content creation process. Now, I take a more…

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