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Will Clubhouse Kill Podcasting?

The Clubhouse app is new, exclusive, and invitation-only. Excellent marketing and the exclusivity of this app, combined with high-profile users like Elon Musk, have driven downloads to above 8 million in the year since its launch.  With such a significant number of downloads, the developers must have high hopes that Clubhouse can outrun other social…

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Internal Social Networks: The Next Evolution of the Intranet

Social networks are the backbone of social media, the places where we can virtually gather with likeminded professionals in different companies, locations, and industries. Leading platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are well known and understood. And they serve a great purpose for the vast majority of us. From the perspective of the enterprise,…

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How To Add A Social Network To Your WordPress Blog

Are you considering the addition of a forum to your Wordpress blog? Forget about it; just go for a forum with full social networking / community features! This post outlines WP-Symposium, the best plugin I’ve found for appending social networking capabilities to a Worpress-based site.

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