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3 Underrated Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Today, brands allocate dedicated budget for influencer marketing. During 2017, 63% of companies decided to increase the budget for their influencer marketing strategies, according to a survey by Unlike traditional marketing, influencer marketing helps brands to gain as well as retain customers. In addition to this, influencer marketing is also a cost-effective strategy for brands…

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Social Media Tips to Improve Brand Consistency

Nowadays, marketing your brand on social media is a no-brainer. The potential is huge, as millions of your potential customers are logging onto social media portals on a daily basis. Top platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat receive the majority of the social media traffic. Therefore, you need to ensure there is brand consistency…

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Which 3 Social Media Platforms Will Be Around in 3 Years?

Tommy Landry, the show runner here, suggested many moons ago that I draw up a quick post to predict the social media platforms of the future. We both agreed it would be a no-brainer and, therefore, easy-to-write. And, yet… The answer was so obvious that I didn’t reckon I could find 600 words to put…

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