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Hidden Costs of Social Media, Part 2

Welcome to part two of our “Hidden Costs of Social Media” series. Take a moment to read Part 1 before diving into the information below. Cost of Managing As I mentioned in the first installment, setting up / claiming social media profiles and posting information to them is “Free”. But to do it right, there…

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Social Media for B2B: It CAN be done

This week, Return On Now has the privilege of sharing with you a guest post by Aaron Strout, CMO of Powered Inc. right here in Austin, TX. In addition to running marketing, he also serves as a key “social voice” for the company. In that capacity, Aaron continues with his speaking, blogging, podcasting, and social networking activities with an eye toward creating awareness and lead generation for the company. Aaron co-hosts the Quick-n-Dirty weekly podcast with Jennifer Leggio, he maintains a social media blog titled Citizen Marketer 2.1, and he is well-known as a thought leader in online and social media marketing.

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