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Guest Blogging Is Not Dead

The blogosphere, message boards, and forums have been up in airs this week after Matt Cutts (Head of Webspam, Google) posted on his personal blog that “guest blogging is done.” Before you read the rest of this post, take a look at the blog post in question: The decay and falling of guest blogging for…

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Google Plus: 6 Reasons You Should Be Using It

Social networking platforms run the gamut of features, usage patterns, and adoption, and Google Plus is no different. If you are in the social media marketing game, you should already know a lot about Google Plus. That includes the biggest knock on it as a social media platform – that adoption remains too low for…

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Author Authority vs. Publisher Authority for SEO

For some time now, there has been the misconception that Google+ is meant to be a competitive social media platform to Facebook and/or Twitter. While social is absolutely part of the core offering, it is NOT the main purpose for G+. Remember Google Buzz and Google Wave? For those of you who do not, these…

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