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Marketing Strategy Guide for Launching a New Mobile App

Based on the most recent estimates, there are nearly five million mobile apps available in the Apple iOS and Google Play stores. If you’re planning to compete in that arena, you’ll need a good marketing strategy to launch successfully and continue to grow. We used this strategy guide in 2018 to build and market an…

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4 Tips to Build Brand Trust in eCommerce

There are many strategies for successfully positioning a brand in today’s competitive market. From advanced digital marketing techniques to fun guerrilla methods, there’s always a way to reach your target audience. However, when all things are said and done, the old methods still work just as well. This is why building brand trust and brand…

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How and Why to Focus on Data When Marketing to Gen-Z

A few years ago, brands around the globe experienced a millennial marketing wave. It seemed as though the textbooks were thrown out the window. Everything about marketing changed. Just as the dust is settling, there’s another wave coming. And Gen-Z is riding it. If you’re a marketer, you’ve likely already heard industry chatter peppered with…

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