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What Marketing Schools Should REALLY Be Teaching Students

When I went to business school (more years ago than I will voluntarily admit), our marketing coursework focused heavily on the basics. For example, we spent a great deal of time digging into the Four P’s (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion). While the basics of marketing are absolutely still valid concepts to understand, the underlying techniques…

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Why Inbound Marketing Is The Best Marketing Channel

Inbound marketing has been a huge buzzword over the past several years, and for good reason – it works. In fact, inbound marketing is the crux of our own promotional efforts here at Return On Now. We do little to no outbound marketing or traditional lead gen, and have had no problem growing the business…

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2013 Online Marketing Predictions From Around the Web

As we get a couple of weeks or so into 2013, most of the “predictions” columns, articles, and blog posts have made their way out onto the web. This annual tradition is one that most of us either love or hate. I tend to take a non-biased view to start, but there does come a…

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