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Google Update Week: Google Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0

What a busy week it has been in the search marketing industry. After several months of little noise surrounding new updates, with Google having decided many months ago not to share information about each and every tweak they make to their algorithm, we had two big ones roll out in the past week. First Update:…

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Google Penguin: The Backlash Intensifies

Although Google did the initial push out of their Penguin update back on April 24, 2012, it is abundantly clear that this is only the first step in what looks to be a fairly long road, a’la last year’s Panda update. Last week during his keynote speech at SES, Matt Cutts caused quite a stir…

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An SEO Experiment Gone Awry (Mea Culpa)

With Google Panda approaching, our author kicked off an experiment to learn how extreme of an impact the new algorithm update would have on duplicate content. Unfortunately, it blew up in his face. Now, he’s under fire and picking up the pieces. See what you think here.

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