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How to Make Customer Service Fun for Customers and Employees

Stellar customer service, without exception, remains a pivotal component of a company’s success. And, behind every successful company are your resilient and blissful front liners, also known as, customer service representatives.  However, if they are not happy with the environment, they could be inconsistent, which is not good for your company. According to the neuroscientists cited in an article…

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Serve Your Customers Socially, Even in Messy Situations

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Post Highlights Brands should see social customer service not just as a responsibility and a privilege, but for the opportunity it represents. 4 brand opportunities for customer service on social media: Resolve and Defuse Answer Questions and Comments Monitor and Thank Active Listening and Outreach Recently we talked about how…

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Social Media : Empowering Customer Experience

Social media is now a widely used marketing tool to build brand awareness. Aside from this though, businesses are now also leveraging social media to provide customer service. Customers nowadays are present in multiple social media channels. This made businesses realize that they can uze these platforms to engage with their target markets and provide…

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