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UX in SEO: What It Is and Why It Matters

User Experience (UX) is a very important component of successfully managing any website, and you should even consider UX in SEO as a key factor. You can’t prioritize one over the other. They must both align for the best results. Let’s review how and why. First off, let’s dig into User Experience itself. UX in…

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How To Do a Lighthouse Audit on Your Website

Google considers website user experience, which we now call UX, as critically important. Google says they aim to “make the web more delightful.” This sentiment makes sense for all of us who use the web, and especially to Google’s business model. Consequently, Google invests considerable resources in creating a better web. One way they improve…

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How to Use Core Web Vitals to Get Your Website In Order

For years now, Google has provided a range of tools and reporting / analytics platforms to help us measure the performance of our websites. They’ve also continually updated the factors that play into their search algorithms. In 2010, for example, they announced that they will be taking into account the site speed for its official…

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