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Infographic: Why WordPress is Our Preferred CMS

This week I came across the following infographic courtesy of As many of you already know, Return On Now will work with nearly any CMS, but we prefer WordPress when we have a say in the decision. I could list many reasons why this is our favorite CMS. But much of it would be…

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7 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress

The content management system (CMS) landscape is beyond fragmented. There are literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of CMS options available. My personal favorite is WordPress, the CMS platform we use for the Return On Now website and blog. It is also the most frequently used blogging platform today. Plugins: Why They Matter Bloggers love WordPress for…

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Web Marketing: Making sense of WCM, WEM, and ECM

I’ve spent a lot of time recently researching for a new Web Content Management System to replace the HTML-based static website for Anue Systems. In my rather extensive research, I learned something rather concering: this is a diverse, fragmented, and most of all, confusing market!

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