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The Effects Of Retargeting in Ecommerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customers will rarely make a purchase during their very first visit to a new website. It doesn’t matter how boldly designed the web store appears or how compelling the products and services are. Just about 2% of first time visitors actually buy, which is quite discouraging. However, there are ways to increase that number. With…

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How to Advertise on LinkedIn: A Complete Guide

LinkedIn is too often an afterthought for many marketers, who choose instead to focus the majority of their social media advertising on Facebook alone. But with a network of 500 million professionals and counting, the smart marketer considers it a no-brainer to take full advantage of this platform. LinkedIn is the largest B2B platform ever…

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Politics and Marketing Simply Don’t Mix

With a major election occurring in a few short days here in the United States, we are seeing an amazing amount of coverage in the media and commentary on social media. It’s simply astounding to see the dialogue playing out right before our eyes. Given the current environment in this country, I felt it was…

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How to Link Facebook Posts to Business Outcomes

Whether you want to increase awareness about your brand, product or service or reach out to new customers, your business goals should motivate how you use Facebook. Some B2B marketers believe that running a few ads will be enough to meet these goals. But the truth is, it comes down to good, old-fashioned strategy. Do…

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Five of the Most Despicable Online Marketing Techniques

Enjoy today’s guest post from Tom Koh. Tom is an SEO enthusiast who runs his own internet business and is sharing some of the more unattractive SEO ploys he has run into during his time doing so. SEO can sometimes have a bit of a bad reputation. While good SEO is of course a perfectly legitimate…

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Search Engine Marketing: Using Google AdWords As A Research Tool

Please enjoy the following guest post written by my friends at Top Side Media.


In our experience with search engine advertising, one of its unique aspects is that, in addition to directly generating online sales or leads, its robust settings provide an excellent tool for business research and planning. In the creation and management of search engine ads, the campaigns, ad groups, and more granular settings gather a great deal of useful data. This is particularly true for Google AdWords. When specifically set up for testing, the potential is a marketer’s dream. For example, we control the following primary variables:

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