Internal Social Networks: The Next Evolution of the Intranet

Social networks are the backbone of social media, the places where we can virtually gather with likeminded professionals in different companies, locations, and industries. Leading platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are well known and understood. And they serve a great purpose for the vast majority of us. From the perspective of the enterprise,…

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Five of the Most Despicable Online Marketing Techniques

Enjoy today’s guest post from┬áTom Koh. Tom is an SEO enthusiast who runs his own internet business and is sharing some of the more unattractive SEO ploys he has run into during his time doing so. SEO can sometimes have a bit of a bad reputation. While good SEO is of course a perfectly legitimate…

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Twitter: A New Kind Of Spam-bot

Today, I finally took a moment to go through my list of followers on Twitter, hoping to uncover some great new tweeps with whom I could engage. When I started going through the list, I noticed a slew of new followers who had jumped on board in the past 48 hours. Great news, right?


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Twitter URL Shortener: Good Response to Phishing

The news sort of came out a bit under the radar, but Twitter announced a very interesting change they are implementing on their blog (March 9, 2010). Positioned as a response to phishing, they will be changing URLs in Direct Messages to their own shortened redirects. Essentially, they can then track for bad behavior and block the URL altogether if the target web page is found to be malicious.

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Information Security & the New Generational Gap

Since the RSA Conference is happening this week, I thought it would be different to do a piece that hits on both Real-time and Information Security. The following blog post is my own original work that appeared on The Network View, the official blog for Anue Systems, on November 12, 2009. It highlights some important sociological differences between the various generations of today’s adult population, and looks at how changing work habits and security need to find a workable balance.

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