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Marketing Ideas for Promoting Your Real Estate Business Online

When it comes to promoting a business, more companies and small business owners are choosing to market their products and services on the Internet. One of the easiest ways to effectively market a real estate business is to use some of the popular social networking sites. If you are a real estate agent, you will…

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Local SEO: Helping Google Know WHERE to Rank You

Among our SEO services, one specialty we offer is Local SEO. While only critical for businesses with a physical site or store, local SEO can help anyone who targets a local or regional audience. On-Page Factors As with all forms of SEO, the actual content on your website itself is important for Local SEO. Let’s…

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Are The Yellow Pages Obsolete?

Following on my previous post, Local Services Businesses: Why You MUST Have a Web Presence, let’s take a few minutes to dig deeper into my assertion that the yellow pages are an unsustainable model for driving leads and business.

This topic applies differently to various business types. Many companies have already made the move to an online-heavy model (e.g. the travel industry). On the other hand, local services businesses can often still generate decent returns from this tactic. While that model has worked to date and may still have some value, the money spent on it could be used much more lucratively.

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Local Services Businesses: Why You MUST Have a Web Presence

Much of the material I’ve covered on here to date has focused on higher level concepts such as social media, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, etc. However, in recent discussions with local services businesses (electricians, auto mechanics, etc.), I learned than many of them do not truly understand the power of the internet over old contact…

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