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Web Design Elements That Help Drive Traffic for B2B

For improving traffic to your B2B website, there are various digital marketing methods available that can drive results.

Some of the most common tactics worth mentioning methods include email campaigns, direct mailers, and social media marketing.

If you are not receiving enough leads, here are some critical elements that you can affect right on the website itself,  in order to drive increased traffic.

Clear and Brief Copy

Your copy should be clear and concise in nature. As you have a very short period of time for reaching the clients, your copy should be “to-the-point” in nature.

You should be very selective with the content you choose to include on your homepages and especially landing pages. be sure to highlight the pains that your products and services address, as well as the major benefits of your offering.

The easier it is for clients to understand your value proposition, the more effective you’ll find your site drives traffic and conversions.

Validation by Third Party Sources

Similar to your competitors, don’t be afraid to “toot your own horn” as they say. Not only is it accepted, but it’s pretty much expected on a business website.

While that’s a truth in modern web marketing, validation from a third party can be very effective at both increasing your traffic and driving engagement with website visitors.

One way to show credibility is to include the lists of certification badges or awards received from third party sources.

Perhaps your CEO has written high quality articles that have been published in a popular trade magazine in your industry.

And of course, customer testimonials are always effective at establishing credibility.

Make sure that all these are genuine because they can be easily figured out. If found to be fake, they can backfire and negatively affect the reputation of your firm.

Easy Navigable Layout

Your website layout should be created in such a manner that can be navigated very easily. Build the website so users can easily find your services or products, and make sure they can get the contact information easily.

Much of this strategy can be implemented with the use of a User Experience (UX) designer. To know more about the web design elements, you can opt for guidance from a quality web design freelancer or company, or bring in a UX freelancer to evaluate, audit, and recommend fixes to your website.

Attractive Calls-to-action

If you want to drive a large volume of traffic and conversions (as we all do), your calls-to-action (CTAs) should be attractive in nature.

Don’t just think of CTAs as sales pitches – these can be anything that pushes the prospect along further down the funnel, including what page to visit next.

These enhanced engagement metrics will not only keep them on the site longer, but they can help improve your organic rankings over time as well.

Not sure what to include as CTAs in your website build out?

You can guide them towards a product demonstration, have them view the catalog of products, direct visitors to schedule an appointment or consultation, or even increase how many visitors read your blog posts, to start.

Build Trust

If you want to convert your visitors into potential customers, you should focus on creating trust and credibility. When the users start to feel that they know you in a proper way, they will start trusting you.

You should avoid stock imagery whenever possible, opting to use the real pictures of customers, employees, or your products.

You can also share events and stories about your company to provide an “insider’s view,” which has been shown to work well for building trust.

Experiences and Reviews of Clients

Positive feedback and testimonials from previous clients can be helpful in generating new leads.

The reviews can be directly mentioned on the website or can be included within the review sites of a third party.

If you want to provide more in-depth content for driving lead conversions, go for white papers or case studies.


Your B2B website can play a key role in generating leads, presuming you properly optimize some of the above-mentioned elements.

Clear copy with compelling calls-to-action and third-party validation can attract new visitors.

Positive feedback from third parties and customers plays a huge role as well.

And don’t forget to think about the full customer funnel, so you can build in momentum and engagement throughout the website.

In the end, your traffic and overall lead conversion rates will improve over time.

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