Using Social Media for SEO

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Enjoy today’s guest post from Yasir Khan of Quantum SEO Labs. In this post, he covers off some ways to expand your reach for SEO using Social Media and by connecting with influencers.

Social signals are being increasingly considered for SEO, and it is clear that more than quantity, the quality of social signals (that is, who is tweeting you) is important.

This means social recommendations by influencers in your niche, who have massive following and very high social reputation are important for SEO.

This case study illustrates this point.

It is logical. Besides the SEO benefit as a direct social signal, when an expert in your niche shares your content, everyone sits up and takes notice. And you can expect massive traffic to your site, even more shares and several back links to your content, all of which are established SEO signals.

The question: How to connect with such influencers, who are very busy individuals.

Passively waiting for your (obviously great) content to catch their attention is neither effective nor efficient.

3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Connect with Influencers in your Niche (For SEO and other Benefits)

1. Initiate a Discussion with Them on Social Media

You can do this by commenting on their content. If you have another perspective to a post they have written, put it across. Share any personal case study that illustrates a point they may have made. Ask queries. These strategies help convince influencers that you have potential to add value, and they would not be averse to sharing your content.

2. Involve Them in Your Content Creation

Seek feedback from influencers on your content before you post it. You can ask them whether this infographic/data/analysis that you have put together adds value to the community and what their opinion is. Most influencers will respond to such a request because (a) they genuinely want to add value to the community; and (b) who can resist such a request?

Be sure to thank them for their time and inform them that the content duly changed as per their suggestion. Share the content URL. And don’t you think chances are high that the influencer might share that content?

3. Make Them the Content

Quote them in your content. Use their figures/statistics/study. Email them that you have used certain facts in your content, and would appreciate if they could check if things are in order. It is unlikely such a request will not be responded to. And as the content involves them in a more direct way, influencers may be more inclined to share it socially.

How do you connect with influencers using social media?

 About the Guest Author

Yasir Khan of Quantum SEO Labs is an ardent social media enthusiast.

His SEO strategies focus on harnessing social media power for maximum SEO results.

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